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Blackwater Commercial Divers

Blackwater Commercial Divers is a new commercial diving outfit located in Charleston, SC (In the West Ashley Area). The name Blackwater Commercial Divers was selected for our company because the waters in and around Charleston, SC are HIGHLY nutrient rich and create actual "black waters". Where roughly from 10-15 feet below the surface you reach a transition zone where the sun is blacked out due to the nutrients suspended in the water. As the majority of our work will be in these types of water conditions of Low Visibility, High Current & Large Tidal Swings, we aptly named the company after these conditions.

We can also keep your boat operating at its peak performance by taking advantage of our preventive maintenance and hull cleaning services.

Blackwater Commercial Divers, Co. Ltd., is owned and operated by Scott Cheatham. Scott is NAUI Certified and undergoing further NAUI Certifications + Commercial Certified Diver Certification.

Scott will be attending the CDA (Commercial Diving Academy) in Jacksonville, FL to obtain his Commercial Dive Rating.

Blackwater Com. Divers will specialize in Underwater Maintenance of watercraft from small Boats to large Yachts and Commercial Vessels; as well as specialized in Underwater Search, Recovery and Archeological Preservation.

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