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Blackwater Commercial Divers

Scott Cheatham

Lead Diver - Owner

Current Certifications:

  • NAUI Open Water Diver
  • NAUI Advanced O.W. Diver
  • EMT (PA Dept. Health Certified)
  • CPR (American Heart Association Certified)
  • Rescuer

    Future Certifications or Certifications in Progress:

  • NAUI Certification - Night Diver (Future)
  • NAUI Certification - Navigation Diver (Future)
  • NAUI Certification - Deep Water Diver / Mixed Gas (Future)
  • NAUI Certification - Search & Recovery Diver (Future)
  • NAUI Certification - Penetration Wreck Diver (Future)
  • NAUI Certification - Search & Rescue Diver (Future)
  • NAUI Certification - Dive Master (Future)
  • NAUI Certification - Rebreather (Future)
  • DMT (Future - Local College & NAUI Dive School)
  • DIR (Doing It Right Training - Future)

    I will always continue to obtain new certifications to better myself as a diver, both commercially and sport. I will also work with other companies, agencies and governments to do archeological research and recovery projects. I want to find what was once lost and share those findings with others. Bringing history back to life to educate and motivate the younger minds of tomorrow.

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