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Blackwater Commercial Divers

Blackwater Commercial Divers website is Under Construction, the old site will remain up while the new site is constructed.

We are your Marine Specialists!

Blackwater Commercial Divers, is your Commercial Dive Company of choice for In-Water Boat Maintenance of small watercraft to large commercial vessels, Search, Recovery, Salvage, and Archeological Search-Recovery-Preservation.

Allow us to show you why we are your #1 Choice in Dive Specialists! Call, Email or Instant Message us today!

Blackwater Commercial Divers can search for your lost treasures as well. Did you lose a ring, watch or some other valuable while swimming? Then allow us to locate your lost item. With some of the best tech in the business, we can locate your lost item(s) with a high rate of success!

Don't forget we also are available to assist in locating, setting up grids, tagging, salvaging and preserving Archeological Finds!

Get your Zincs replaced through BWCD! We will replace them quickly and properly to minimise your down time and increase the life of your boat's vital submerged parts.

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