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Blackwater Commercial Divers

Location of the Le' Prince: French Corsair

Blackwater Commercial Divers is currently researching the possible location of the Le' Prince. She is a French Corsair (same as a Spanish Galleon) which sank off the shore of the Port Royal Sound when it ran a-ground on the shoals. Records indicate that the ship broke up into several pieces during the storms to follow the wreck. We have a general idea of the location of the initial impact area. However, modern ship traffic and modern dredging have contaminated the search area making locating the wreck site substantially more difficult.

We will be searching the areas that we believe the wreckage may be located with SSS (Side Scan Sonar) and a Magnetron to locate the ferrous items (Cannon Balls, Anchors, Canons, Ballast, etc.) We have taken into consideration multiple factors over the years since the initial run-a-ground including erosion, tidal patterns, storms, continental shelf erosion, etc.

If you wish to participate in this process, please contact Scott. We will be willing to entertain any reasonable offer for assistance, supply of information, donation or sale of equipment, etc. to enable us to locate the shipwreck in a more efficient manner.

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